Acroplastica S.r.l. is organized for a precise objective: to be a sure point of reference for those who look for a reliable and available partner for the realization of technical components in plastic material.



Acroplastica has been committed for years on a double front: the development of a strategy aimed at product and process innovation, but also the development of a strategy for the cultural-organizational model at the base of the company, leading to a complete innovation.
The dual strategic front requires for its development to modify the operational and decision-making processes in relation to the satisfaction of the so-called “Three bottom lines”: economic-financial, environmental, and qualitative, understood both in terms of product and process.
This complex activity of "decisional and operational engineering" in the field of plastics processing, for Acroplastica, is of vital importance considering that the production has a direct impact on the customer and his satisfaction. The moulding of plastic materials, as well as of other materials, thanks to the technological progress that has given rise to more and more complex moulds, with more and more precise working, to productions of increasing quantities and reduced costs, has favoured the research of new scenarios for development. From this consideration and the industry's clear dependence on technological evolution and ongoing changes as a result of economic globalization, it is clear that Acroplastica continually identifies and adopts opportunities for innovation in its business model.



Acroplastica, in fact, is organized for the operation of innovation processes, through an appropriate selection of possible technological changes, using the necessary resources, and opportunities for improving the relationship with the market and improving the efficiency levels of the company.