Overview and classification

Molds are essential tools in today's mass production. They are key elements in manufacturing; for example, molds are used in injection molding to shape the resin that in casting. Today's techniques can create molds of micrometer precision, contributing to the mass production of items of the same shape and quality in a wide range of industries. Molds are molding tools and are used in injection molding, such as in cast resin or cast metal.

Mould processing

How it works

Mold materials include tool steels with carbon or chromium content, as well as mold steel, super fast steel, and cemented carbide. Recently, ceramics have also been adopted. The materials used for molds are mostly hard and difficult to cut. For this reason, molds are cut using machining centers or other CNC tools, but for greater precision, products are generally subjected to subsequent processes such as grinding. In addition, the processing by electroerosion is used to produce even more precise molds. EDM uses the sparks of an electrical discharge to melt the surface of the workpiece. This method not only produces precision machining but also supports the creation of complex three-dimensional shapes.